Sheba: Marusya, my Snowshoe”

When I came to USA I was surprised to find stores dedicated only to pets.

 What a nice idea.

  After giving home to a beautiful cat I found on the street and dealing with her loss to cancer in her old age, I was not ready for another one.

 One day, on my usual visit to Kitty Kind and usual donation I noticed young woman petting small cat. I did not pay much attention to it ,but suddenly the cat turned her head, looked into my eyes, moved  her chin up and down  then I could hear her shy “Meow, where have you been for so long!”   I fell in love. A connection was made in that moment and my innocent stop was slowly turning into lifetime commitment. I asked for adoption application and I’ve been told that there is adoption pending. I filled that application anyway.

 I have her home for two month now and she is our joy, with problems and bad habits, but joy. We work on her language now. When she looks into my eyes, moves her chin up end down I can hear her shy ‘Meow, where is my food?”

 “See”, all is going well.

I will always believe that I was chosen by my cat as many of as were, but I am puzzled if she is happy with her choice though.

For these who do not believe in cat’s power to choose,   “Explain me this!”  I always wanted a Tabby.

   I think I speak for most of your visitors of Kitty Kind, if I say. ‘When we come to your location on Broadway and 18Th street, we are mostly swept by beauty of all these cats, but do not think that we do not see you and that we do not appreciate your love and care. We do, we do, because you are caring for our future loved ones and not only for that, we thank you.”



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