Volunteer of the Month: November 2011


Congratulations to Meredith B., our new volunteer of the month! Meredith has been volunteering for KittyKind for nearly 5 years. She started volunteering because she lived in a no-pets building and missed the interactions with animals. After moving, she has since brought home two KittyKind cats: Chopstick (formerly Chipmunk) and Thomas (formerly Tyler). Chopstick is a wild card and a character with such a crazy personality, and Thom-as is a love-bug who cannot get enough cuddling in a day. “They pretend not to like each other but I always catch them napping together!” she says. Meredith’s favorite part of volunteering? “I love being able to spend a bit of time with cats who cheer up so much with a little bit of petting and attention, and I have made fantastic friends on the fabulous Wednesday night shift.” Meredith would like everyone to know that she is really grateful for KittyKind giving her great friends and great cats. Thank you Meredith, for all that you do, you are a truly wonderful volunteer!

                               ***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees


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