Rubi (aka Honey); The rubenesque and happy cat!


Honey, who we now called “Rubi” because of her Rubenesque figure, has settled nicely in her new home. She was a little nervous at first but you can tell she really wanted to be with people. She started sleeping with us on the second night and will always spend a few hours in bed with us; often making biscuits. The best thing in the world is when she wraps her paws around our feet and rests her head on our ankles. If you move a bit, you can feel her little paws tapping and pulling your leg back so that she can snuggle up again. In the morning Rubi gets up as soon as she knows we’re awake and the instant we get out of bed she storms out into the living room to her toys so that we will play with her. She’s a funny one. Of all the toys that she has her favorites are; a piece of string tied to a stick and wadded up pieces of paper. Rubi will play with these for hours a day batting them up and down the hallway. Everywhere we go in the apartment, turn around and she’s there with you. She’s a sweet, fat, happy cat and we are lucky to have her.






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