The cutest three amigos: Lily, Sunny, & Tappy!

I had to share some pictures of my 3 amigos and how they have grown. They were all adopted in Nov of 2009, all siblings, we fostered them originally and then fell in love with them so decided to adopt all 3, we haven’t been disappointed.


Sunny has grown to become a huge love bug, he will sleep in-between my husband and I on the bed at night and lick us then cup his head in our hands and fall asleep. He loves his little toy mouse that he plays with all the time, he will bring it to you to throw then he will trot to retrieve it and bring it back…

Tappy has become quite attached to my husband, I don’t know if it is him or any men but she loves him, she will jump on your lap and sleep near your face. She loves to be petted but also likes to cuddle up on her own, she really just wants so much affection.

Lilly is a playful little thing, she will follow you around and cry until you pet her, she will let you pick her up but then will let you know if she is unhappy by putting her little paws up as if to say “I don’t like that”.

They all love to play with each other and will still sometimes all cuddle up on the bed together!






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