Affectionate Max May: “He let me pet his stomach & shower him with kisses…”

When I held Max May on my lap outside his cage and he let me pet his stomach and shower him with kisses despite being a 3-month-old, I suspected that he might be the right sibling for my cat Snowflake, and the right kitten for me. I brought him home and he adjusted fabulously, becoming best friends with Snowflake and sleeping right next to my pillow at night, waking me up with nuzzles and sometimes teething-bites to let me know that it’s breakfast time! Snowflake and I are thrilled to have Max May as part of the family, and we can’t imagine going back to a time when he wasn’t part of the family. Thank you, Kitty Kind!


(Just want to remind you that Max May is the black and white cat–I know you see a LOT of cats!)





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