Water lovin’ Bobby!


Indi (the Siamese, adopted from KK previously) and Bobby (orange and white, adopted 2011) have been getting along very well now.  Sleeping near each other and cleaning each other as they walk by.  They went “cat crazy” over the weekend and were chasing each other all over the apartment.  It was great to see them playing like that.  Bobby has also learned how to lift up the corner of the rug and run under it.  He likes to hang out under the rug with only his head sticking out.  He looks like he has some Turkish Van in him, which are notorious for loving water… and Bobby always comes running over when he hears the sink or shower start.  Especially in the sink, he’ll put his paw in the water then lick the water from it.  He walks around the outside of the tub when there’s a shower going on.  He wants to come in, but he’s not sure about the feeling of the falling water from the shower yet.

We are so very happy to have Bobby as part of our family now.  He has adjusted very well and is getting into lots of kitty trouble.

Alan & Angela


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