Marley: “A Beautiful, Sweet, Smart, Funny, Affectionate Maine Coone Pussycat “

We are Marley’s Mommy & Daddy.  A Beautiful, Sweet, Smart, Funny, Affectionate Maine Coone Pussycat that Keeps us laughing, ooohing & ahhing all of the time. We adopted him a year ago from KittyKind.  He was two years old then. Everyone who comes to visit wants to take him home!  We have 5 Pussycats all together & Love them to pieces.  Marley chooses to be a favorite soooooooo, and believe me, he is a true ‘HAM’!!

We recommend your adoption facility all the time.  We do know how tough the times are for the animals. It breaks my heart.  We do what we can.  Thank you so much for the Love, Care & Time you put in for these Precious Little Guys.  Here are some pics of Marley, adopted July 29th 2010 from KittyKind.


PEACE & LOVE to You & ALL the ANIMALS in the World!!!!


                         Lisa & Frankie

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