A vocal and friendly, Pumpkin Pie aka Jalapeño Business aka “Mis Mis”

We adopted this kitty from the Union Square PetCo in November 2010 (the day after Thanksgiving). She’s the best! Her name was originally Pumpkin Pie but we changed it to Jalapeño Business with the nickname “Mis Mis” (which is the Danish word for kitty, since my husband is Danish). She’s doing really well. She loves our place and she’s the friendliest kitty in the world. She always needs to be by our side and sleeps with us on the bed every night. She’s also very vocal and greets us almost like a puppy when we come home. She plays fetch with a mouse too. We looked up the tortoiseshell burmese breed as well and they’ve been nicknamed the “clowns of the cat world” which we can definitely agree with!


She’s made our lives so much better. Thanks again.




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