Bea & Zeus: “They are so precious and such a joy to come home to.”

I adopted Bea and Zeus (both FIV+) just over a year ago. They are so precious and such a joy to come home to. They both have such individual personalities: Zeus from the beginning was “Mr. Lovebug” and stepped out of the carrier looking to be loved. Bea is more reserved and likes to judge things before making up her mind (even now).  She left the carrier and immediately disappeared for about half an hour. Not hearing any distress sounds from Zeus she appeared in the doorway to assess the situation.  She eventually came over to me and allowed me to pet her.  For the first few months her special love time was in the middle of the night when she loved to roam up and down my body weaving figures of eight as went.  Then she would sit down on my chest and peer into my face patting it gently to make sure I had not slept through her roaming.  I began to feel as though I had been through ten rounds with a boxer every night.  As much as I hated to do it (and the guilt I still feel), I had to ban both of them from the bedroom as I needed my sleep.  Not to worry, they got used to the routine very quickly as long as I understood breakfast was at 5 a.m.!

I want to thank all of the lovely people at KittyKind who helped me and other people to adopt the wonderful cats who are lucky enough to find your shelter.



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