Volunteer of the Month: August 2011

Congratulations to Todd R, our August Volunteer of the Month, Todd has opened his heart and home to some very lucky foster kitties, he works on the Saturday PM cleaning shift and also helps out with events for KK. Todd is a TV producer and graphic designer who is originally from Colorado, he moved to Harlem about 5 years ago and that’s when he decided to get a pet. Todd started with a foster cat then adopted another adult male, both sadly died last year so after they had gone, Todd felt a hole in his life. He had heard about KittyKind and thought if he could volunteer, he could do some good for the feline species. He enjoys the work he does at KK a great deal, he adds “The biggest hazard is falling in love with all the cats, but the most pleasant surprise has been the people, everyone is so nice and dedicated to our feline friends.” Todd says he is learning more every day and is so grateful for the opportunity to make their lives better, thank you Todd you do a terrific job at KittyKind, well done!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

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