Mini (aka Holy B): “She is extremely friendly & adaptable.”

Mini is now named Holy B (Bodega).  Mini was found in Union Square Park and, although she refuses to tell me, I think she must have been a bodega cat.  She is just fantastic.  She is extremely friendly and adaptable.  She has even made friends with a dog.  I bring her to PA (a 2 hour car ride) on weekends and she is fine in the car.  I have never had a cat who traveled so well.  She loves to sit on the screened in porch and watch the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and deer.  She even saw a fox last week.

When KittyKind first rescued her, she was underweight and had a tooth abscess.  After a complete dental and vet care through KittyKind, she now only has 2 teeth, but has gained 2 pounds.  She LOVES to eat and screams for food every time someone walks in the direction of the kitchen.  So, now I have to be careful not to “pork her up”.  She is a very special kitty and I feel very lucky to have been there on the night she was rescued by Patricia.  Guess we were meant for each other.



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