Kramer: ” He was just a big lump who wanted to have his head rubbed.”

Kramer first caught my attention when I cleaned his cage one Sunday morning. He was just a big lump who wanted to have his head rubbed. I absolutely loved his chill attitude and beautiful coloring. When my boyfriend and I met with Miriam about fostering, she asked the best question: “Have you bonded with any cats here?”  The next night Kramer came home with us.

The first few days he lived primarily on top of our kitchen cabinets, coming down only to eat and do his business. Soon, though, we found him lying in other places, like an old flower box that we use for mail. He would stroll by occasionally for his patented head rub. Then one night he crawled into bed, and since then, has spent almost every night there. It didn’t take much discussion for us to realize that we could never give him up.

Kramer has big, saucer eyes that stare at you with the saddest look sometimes. He drools. A lot. If he’s asleep, there is no moving him for anything. He squeaks instead of meowing. And we love him and can’t imagine a day without him.



One Response to “Kramer: ” He was just a big lump who wanted to have his head rubbed.””

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for adopting Kramer. I miss him so much. I adopted him when he was 3 weeks old and he use to sleep in my bed every night. As you probably already know, he is a very loving cat. He loves the rubber ring that you remove from the gallon water bottle and if you throw it in the air, he will catch it and bring it back to you. He loves fetching stuff. I had to return him to Kitty Kind after I gave birth to my son who had a severe case of wet eczema all over his body and face. He was allergic to everything and he will scratch non stop until his skin bleeds. I had no choice but to part with Kramer. I am glad you keep his name too. I went back to Kitty Kind a couple of months after and they said that he was adopted. This picture of him just brought tears to my eyes. I miss him but I am also happy that he found a loving home.My heart is filled with happiness knowing that he is somewhere safe.

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