“Mr. Fluff is the most sweet-natured cat on the planet. “

After losing our beloved cat, Buddy, my husband and I spent months actively looking for his replacement.  We wanted it to be a shelter cat, but it also had to be really gentle and easy-going, since we had a baby.  And I wanted someone really, really fluffy. And a lap cat. In short, a lot of prerequisites. We are so grateful to KittyKind for introducing us to Mr. Fluff, who is literally the cat of our dreams.  Mr. Fluff was found stuffed in a bag and abandoned. Our vet says he probably had a very difficult kittenhood, as he suffers from food insecurity issues (i.e. incessant begging), though the problem is getting better every day.

Despite the challenges of his childhood, Mr. Fluff is the most sweet-natured cat on the planet.  As you can see from the photo, he plays well with the baby, and he loves being petted, sits on our laps all the time and even climbs into bed with us at night.  And, he gets along great with our other shelter cat, Snuggles, who has many wonderful qualities all his own.   Snuggles is warm, loving, interested in everything and given to random exuberant vertical leaping.  It is unbelievable to me that Snuggles was classified as a “problem cat” at CACC and in danger of being put to sleep.  Thanks to everyone at Kitty Kind for doing the work that you do– our family would not be complete without you.

Anna, Ben, Misha, Snuggles, and Mr. Fluff


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