Volunteer of the Month: June 2011

Congratulations to Beverly W, our June Volunteer of the Month. Beverly does tremendous behind the scenes work, keeping the Health Maintenance team organized and up to date. She has been with KK since June 1999, after popping into Petco one afternoon to buy cat food where she saw all the cats being cared for. She was amazed at how much KK does and figured she could volunteer, so she did. She loves all the cats and feels all the volunteers are equally important as they make the real difference, and that is an unspoken recognition. Beverly enjoys volunteering on so many levels, she adds, “I enjoy giving a moment of ease and comfort to a homeless cat.” She has had many cats in the past but now has two, which are KK alum of course. Beverly would just like to add that all the volunteers contribute immensely day to day and there are so many miraculous “saves” at KittyKind. Well done Beverly, you do a terrific job, thank you.

This month’s nominations also included: Sonia P, for being such a great addition to the Intake Team, Liz H, for being such a long time helper on Saturday evenings, Taner B, for being a fantastic new addition to Wednesday mornings, Stefanie W, for being a great new addition to Tuesday evenings, Michie Y, for continuing to work so hard on Sunday nights, and Kat W, for being a reliable and fantastic volunteer on Friday mornings.

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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