Volunteer of the Month: May 2011

Congratulations to Lauren D, our May’s Volunteer of the Month, Lauren continues to manage our Facebook page wonderfully. She started as a Friday PM cleaner at the beginning of 2009 after wanting to volunteer for KK ever since she adopted one of her cats from us back in 2005, this gave her the opportunity. She adores cats and knowing KittyKind is all volunteer she knew we could use the help and are doing it for the love of animals. Lauren loves hearing the happy stories from people that have adopted their cats from us and how they have impacted their lives, she also loves being able to drum up donations, she adds, “without financial support we’d never be able to do what we are doing.” She loves volunteering and has volunteered elsewhere but KittyKind is more of a passion of hers. She currently has 3 cats of her own. Lauren also wants to add: “Since I started our Causes page, we have 1,966 members and raised over $2,000, our page is doing well and we have a lot of loyal supports”. Well done Lauren you do a great job and a valuable member of the volunteer team! This month’s nominations also included: Lolita W, Anastasia H, and Deniz E, for being such fantastic new additions to their respective crews, Tasha W, for being there each and every Tuesday AM, and Lucia Capella, for being such a hard worker and always having a smile on her face – Lucia, we will miss you!!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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