Sweet & Gentle, Shirley.

I visited my mother’s house, and Shirley has adjusted beautifully to her new home in Connecticut. She immediately took to her new bed in the kitchen. When my mother went to the living room, Shirley would walk in there and call to her to follow her back to the kitchen, where Shirley would go back to her bed and stare lovingly at my mother, kneading and purring. Well, my mother bought her another bed for the living room, and now Shirley keeps my mother in her view for most of the day.

When Shirley’s not on one of her beds or in her favorite box, she sits on the ledge in the den, which is full of windows. She looks into the back yard at the squirrels and birds from time to time throughout the day. Her personality is a great fit for my mother, who says she is very sweet and gentle. She has become so attached to my mother that my father said Shirley was crying when my mother was out for a few hours.

My mother also cooks chicken that she substitutes for the Fancy Feast, and Shirley goes crazy over it.

All in all, Ruth and Shirley are a great match.



One Response to “Sweet & Gentle, Shirley.”

  1. Madalyn Benoit Says:

    Is this the same Shirley who used to live with a girl named Samantha in Manhattan? If so, I know her (have cat-sat for her) and am SOOOO happy she has found a loving home. She is a very special cat and a beautiful spirit!

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