Lucie’s amazing happy ending!

I walked into Petco with my dad. I wasn’t planning to get a pet, but my love for animals always drove me into pet stores. We first went downstairs to look at the smaller animals, and then, as I was about to walk outside, my dad reminded me of the cats. So we went there. I was observing the ones in the lower cages, due to my height.  But my dad, being tall, spotted one in a high cage. He told me to look at her. And I fell in love with her. I think that I finally decided to get her when her right paw extended out of the cage, as to signal an invitation. When I got home I begged to get her. I actually got on my knees. And then, somehow, my parents agreed. But there were some problems. For one, she is FIV positive, FIV is like HIV but for cats. That raised some doubts, as if to get her. Another issue was that we are an Italian family, and plan to live back in Italy in a while. So the question was can we bring her along? Turns out, yes, we can with a bit of work. Having overcome these problems we adopted her. And, even if she is very demanding, she has to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Eva & Andrea


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