Sophie & Gracie: “They have such good personalities”

We are soooooo in love with our girls – Sophie & Gracie…we kept the names.  It is the perfect match for us.  The two of them play very hard together and then fall asleep in various places!!!    I attached a picture with their favorite toy, which I had for all of our other cats, and they love it!!  They wake us up in the morning by running over us on the bed at high speed chasing each other…Sophie likes to be under the covers with us too!  Gracie has been more independent and sweet and it takes her longer to cuddle. We respect that!  The other pictures is the girls on “mama’s chair” and  they both find it comfy on the 2 levels and I love that they can be with me on it!  They have such good personalities and I’m sure the foster mother is a part of how wonderfully they have been and so easily able to adjust to us….we couldn’t be happier!!!!

Thank you Kitty Kind and all their helpers!!!!  We will take care of them in all of their needs!!

Sincerely, Vivian & Scott

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