Gracie(Grace):”makes the most interesting melodic whirring sound”

Grace (I shortened her name to just Grace, suits her better I think) is doing great! She has really become comfortable with me in these last weeks, she is so loving and sweet. She is much more herself and so playful now, and loves sleeping in on weekends (all 10 hours on my stomach or chest haha). She is so chill she even lets me hold her paws and cut her nails!  My sister came to stay with me for a holiday and instantly fell in love with little Grace! She makes the most interesting melodic whirring sound, she is very expressive. I think she is just gorgeous with her pink nose and bright yellow eyes that look almost reptilian, her coat is so unique as well, with the distinct grey and peach patches and a fluffy pure white chest and tummy. I’ve really never seen anything like her! As you can tell I have spent too much time studying her every inch. I got an iPad which she loves, they have applications for cats you can download that have visuals of mice and if you hit it you get a point, she gets a high score every time….no really!




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