A curious & playful Michelle

“When I first moved to New York, one of my absolute requirements was a cat, as I had to leave my current cat behind as she was too ill to travel.  Michelle was the first cat we fostered with Kitty Kind, and she won our hearts.  My boyfriend was especially besotted, as he had never had a cat before and thought she was the greatest thing he’d ever seen. Michelle was rescued from hoarders, had a cold and an eye infection, and spent her first few days with us wedged into tight corners and climbing the curtains.  She was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen.  Within a week though she had bounced back and was exploring everything.  She would push the tops off boxes to get inside and drag shoes all over the house after her by their laces.  Ready for adoption, we brought her back to the adoption center and she was easily the most beautiful kitty there.  We went on to foster two more wonderful kitties who also made a place for themselves in our hearts.  When my cat back in Toronto had to be put to sleep, it was devastating for me, and, by that time, Michelle was still in need of adoption.  I hesitated because it was so soon after I had lost my cat, but it seemed as though Michelle was meant for us.  Now she is home with us at last, and coming home to see her waiting at the door is one of the best moments of my day.  She is still curious about everything, poking into cupboards and drawers and knocking her toys around.  She loves to sleep with us at night and gives anything to have her tummy rubbed.  For Michelle and for us, it is the happiest ending imaginable.”



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