Twiggy (Coco):”She has adjusted beautifully in every aspect.”

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Sonia and I are happy to say that Twiggy (aka: Coco) is doing VERY well with her 2 new siblings. She has adjusted beautifully in every aspect. She has learned to share the space with Milo and Juno and they have learned to share their space as well. Juno and Coco play a lot. They run after each other a lot and run after their toys all the time. I’m so glad that Juno has a great friend to play with. Milo is always making sure there is “order” in our home. Meaning, if it’s late at night or too early in the morning and they are getting crazy, he runs into play to let them know to calm down. AND IT WORKS! He’s their big brother. Coco chases Milo once in a while (he allows this) and we’re glad he’s getting a work out. LOL! Her favorite toy is a green mouse that she kicks around. She actually brings it to us and we throw it and she brings it right back…..again and again and again. We have also introduced her to our guinea pig, Gizmo. I believe they have turned out to be good friends as well. We let Gizmo out to run around to get exercise and she follows him in a curious way. He likes her…..that’s for sure. That was the most important thing to us because it’s not often you see cats and guinea pigs share space. We just never let him out when we’re not around. As always, we monitor everything like true parents. LOL. After all, these are like our children. They just never leave the house.

Coco has a healthy appetite. We watch the food intake with all 3 now only because she will eat just about anything that is edible. Once in a while we say no to her and she listens which is quite funny because she’s so young and actually understands what it means.

Sonia and I are completely in love with her. We are so happy she’s here with us and we look forward to many many many years with her.

I have attached some pictures of her with her 2 new siblings. Please feel free to keep in touch with us and we will be more than happy to keep you updated with her life. We thank you so much for choosing us to be her “parents”.

Sonia and Linda



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