Bathtub Critters: Bonnie & Clyde

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I think being put in the carrier and then experiencing the bumpy cab ride was quite traumatizing for both of them – I noticed later that Bonnie peed on herself a bit.  But when I got home, put the carrier down, and opened the door, both of them came right out and started slinking around the apartment.  I think they were kind of overwhelmed by the amount of space there was, but they seemed more curious than scared, and they didn’t hide from me at all, as I had expected them (particularly Bonnie) to do.  Within a couple of hours, they were coming up and rubbing against me and purring, and they both slept next to me on Friday night!

Throughout the weekend, they were still extremely curious, jumping on all of my countertops and desks and staring at the squirrels out the window.  One of the cutest things about them so far is that they both LOVE sitting in the bathtub.  Sometimes they just sit there, and other times they roll around and play with the shower curtain.  (I’ve attached a picture of this.)

They are really turning out to be characters!  Bonnie, surprisingly, is a bit of a goofball; she loves to sit on the counter and then climb all over you when you stand in front of her.  Clyde is more serious and calm, and I think he is still getting adjusted to his new routine and surroundings.  I am trying to let him have his space for the time being, as he sometimes seems to just want to be by himself.  He has a lot of energy at certain times, though, and he loves scratching and stretching on the carpeted cat furniture I bought!

Both of them are now eating pretty well.  On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, they were probably only each eating about 3 oz. of wet food each per day (plus a bit less than 1/4 cup dry food), but yesterday and today they have been more hungry.  They will not eat the wet Science Diet food I bought them (even when it’s mixed with Fancy Feast), so I have been feeding them the Fancy Feast.  Do you have any recommendations for higher-quality foods to try?  (Strangely enough, they will eat the Science Diet dry food, so there’s no problem there.)  They both seem to be drinking very well, and they also seem to be peeing and pooping regularly.

I’m sorry for the long email, but I can tell that everyone at KittyKind really cares about the cats, so I wanted to send along a good update – especially since most of you will not be seeing these two sweeties again, as I am certain that they have found their forever home with me!! 🙂  Thank you for helping me find them and also for all of the information you’ve shared.  I will continue to send updates and pictures of Bonnie and Clyde’s shenanigans.  Many, many thanks again to you and everyone at KittyKind!



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