The Orange Boys, Bo & Luke

The boys [Bo and Luke] seem very happy here.  They’re playing, and sleeping with us, and just making our home theirs.  They have favorite spots on the chairs and sofa already picked out.  They’re so lovely, in every way possible, and we both feel that they’re very comfortable and happy here.  You’re absolutely right about orange boys – AMAZING!


As for eating, they were a bit slow to dive into their food, and now Luke (the more outgoing one) is eating up a storm.  Bo (the more introverted boy) was a bit slower to dive in, though I’m watching him eat his wet food as I write and he really just started eating more heartily this evening.  I feel he’s making his transition a touch slower than his brother, which is in keeping with his personality.   We’re watching him closely, of course, and will make sure he’s eating well.  Truth is, we both keep remarking at how well adjusted they seem.


Allen & Shelley


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