Creamy and Sugar (Pablo and Kiki): The Lucky Duo

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It’s so sweet to think that you at Kitty Kind are all behind us, and above all, behind Pablo and Kiki (aka Creamy and Sugar), who truly are the most wonderful kitties ever. And you definitely did facilitate the match – a perfect match, let me tell you. We are very much in love with them and they seem happy to be here – they play a lot, together or with us, and we have already spent quite a few evenings playing with them and enjoying their antics as they chase their little toys and jump around the place like mad critters. They are super cute! And super easy, totally sweet and loving, and real purr monsters.

Pablo (formerly Creamy) is the most laid back cat I’ve ever seen – it seems nothing can impress or dent his chill and mellow demeanor. Except when he plays, when he becomes a master at pouncing and leaping.

And sweet Kiki is quite the little magical creature, amazingly graceful, seemingly not subject to the law of gravity, and so so affectionate once she adopts you as a suitable lap. She gives kisses, hugs, head butts etc. And her fur is the softest thing ever.

And those two critters must have been really well socialized (might very well be through their stay at KittyKind), because they’ve been nothing but very gracious to the numerous guests we’ve had for the last weeks. They’ve cuddled up with grandmothers, entertained toddlers, and played with a bunch of aunties and cousins. And everyone loooves them!

We’ve tried like crazy to take pictures of them while they’re playing – because they’re so cute – but they’re too quick, and the pictures were never much more than blurs. So I’m finally sending pictures of two quiet kittycats, who love their little baskets and cushions, and window sills etc.

Thank you for everything – And Happy Holidays!

Marie and Nathaniel



***These two cats were at PETco for so long, and we all at KittyKind are so happy on how lucky they got with this great home! We are glad they have adjusted very well with you both!!!


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