Volunteer of the Month: February 2011

Congratulations to Miriam H, our February’s Volunteer of the Month. Miriam has completed endless adoptions with follow-ups, she is a great asset on the Intake team, and has offered fantastic moral support.  She has been with KittyKind for 6 years and throughout that time has found it so enriching. She adds ”Even though the heartbreak and frustrations are for real, the rewards are much greater.” Miriam also adds “After an amazing volunteer experience in the Amazon jungle, I decided not to wait until “retirement” to integrate volunteer work into my life. It had to be with animals and KittyKind happened to cross my path.” Miriam has 2 cats Misha and Jewel and her and her husband has resisted the urge to add to her feline family. She says she is inspired by the dedication of her fellow volunteers and, most of all, by the happy endings. Thank you Miriam for all your hard work – Well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Davy, for being such a great adoption representative and getting involved in many things, Nicole B, for being a great new addition to the Sunday AM crew, Kady F, for always working with a smile on her face, Karman K, for all her hard work socialising cats that need that little extra love, and Barbara T, for managing the donations jar each and every Wednesday.

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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