The Friendly and Sweetheart Cats, Keith & Lucy!

Things continue to go very well with Lucy.  She is very sweet but is really coming out of her shell.  Keith is very playful and warm and he is really very attentive to her and I see them hugging and kissing sometimes.  Keith had a turbo toy with a corrugated scratcher in the center that he had tired of and I put it out again and Lucy loves to hit the little white ball and watch it go around and then scratch the cardboard center.  Keith plays with Lucy so she gets lots of exercise.  Lucy likes to sleep with us and sometimes she’ll come right up to your face and put her little cold wet nose on your nose.  We really love her so much and Keith is just so happy to have a companion.  I think we chose Lucy because she is so sweet and she looked lonely in that cage and Keith is so friendly we knew that it would be a good fit. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with the animals.  The world is a better place with people like you in it.  George and Keith and I send out best to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season to come.

Best regards,

Maria, George, Keith and Lucy


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