Facebook Helped Dusty Find a Great Home

I was perusing Facebook when I came upon a post about Dusty from a friend. We had been wanting to adopt a second kitty to keep Olivia (our first cat) company. When we first met Dusty in person, he was not at all shy, and immediately went about curiously sniffing us, purring and playing with the hem of Vivien’s skirt. He was a little more hesitant when we brought him home and introduced him to Olivia, as he’d had some bad experiences in the past involving being bullied by other cats, but it soon became clear to him that Olivia was a friend. They have a lot of quirks in common, although sometimes his brusque manner offends Olivia’s daintiness. But ultimately, they make a great team.

Dusty is sweet-natured, adorably clumsy, and the perfect mix of playful and placid. He loves to cuddle. If you’re feeling sad, he will always sense it and trundle over to curl up beside you and purr your troubles away. He loves his yummies and a pinch of catnip at the end of a long day. The keyboard of my laptop is one of his favorite places to nap. Shoelaces and empty boxes rock his world.

We love our Dusty to pieces, and can’t imagine not having him in our home. He makes us very happy and we are so lucky to have found him!

Carlo and Vivien


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