Cappi, One Very Lucky Cat

I’m so impressed with KittyKind, as the entire process I experienced in order to adopt Baby has been very positive! I’m so grateful to know that wonderful organizations like yours do exist, and very special, caring people such as you and the other volunteers, are there to help and protect these precious little creatures… God Bless all of you!

First, I have to confess, I changed Baby’s name to “Cappi”… It means lucky boy in Italian! I think he knows this is his new name as he even answers to it already! I’m also thrilled to announce that Cappi has been enjoying every inch of his new home! It’s wonderful to see him exploring all the different rooms, closets, dressers, windows…and I’m happy to say his new roommate, my orange tabby boy, Bobby, has actually grown to really enjoy his new friend! At first Bobby let him know he was the “boss”, some hissing, then it stopped, day 3 he was ready to race around and play with his new pal! I think Cappi is still trying to get used to Bobby’s personality, so he’s playing a little at a time with him, but I think eventually they’ll work it out… They both love to play and I have so many cat toys, Cappi has even brought Bobby more exercise during our play times- which he definitely needed!! They were just chasing each other through the house this morning… It’s hysterical. No screaming or roughness – I just hear little meows… Their communication is amazing to watch!

I actually saw “Baby” on Petfinder, he was one of many cats I was interested in… I really wanted to adopt a cat, especially since Bobby seemed so lonely after my other cat died.  I decided to go to Petco, and the very first face that popped out through the cage was “Baby” and it was love at first sight! So I stayed awhile and talked to him and when I stood up to leave, he stuck his little paw out through the cage as if to say “wait… Don’t leave!” And I just felt like it was a sign… I knew right away he was meant for me!

I love how he stands up to meet your hand when you reach down to pat his head… And I love his purrr… it’s so loud!! He seems so happy! I’ve already clipped his claws, he gets brushed every day… And he’s starting to enjoy the good food I’ve been giving him which is all holistic food from Whiskers… I do give them treats, I have a few different kinds I’ve been testing with Cappi, he’s a bit choosy when it comes to treats!

I love that he has favorite spots to hang out in already… he has a favorite window for viewing the birds in the morning!

Keep doing what your doing for these animals… Its a wonderful gift you are giving them!

I’ll keep in touch…
Best Regards,

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