They Won the Jackpot with Elly

Dear Miriam,  As for Fabian (now called ELLY)  WE LOVE HIM!!!  He is the best cat. We did as you said, and I sat with him when we got home.  He jumped right into my lap.  Within minutes he was ready to explore, walked around slowly, sniffed and checked out his new environment going back and forth from me and Herve literally wagging his tail.  I was shocked at how comfortable he seemed to be right away!  He’s used the litter a few times already after he was only shown once.   He is a very smart little one!  It’s as though he has already been living here for months already. We feel like we won the jackpot with ELLY.

Thank you very much for your patience and for helping us to truly find the best cat for our home…. Elly was the perfect choice.  He is very very playful and loves the toy that you recommended that we buy for him.  [Enclosed are pictures] so you can see for yourself if you think he is happy.  We are very happy with our new addition!

Thanks again for all of your help.  It truly is a wonderful thing what you do to help these rescue cats & kittens.

Sincerely, Daniel

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