Volunteer of the Month-November

Congratulations to Kathy O, our November’s Volunteer of the Month. Kathy took on the huge task of getting our Pet-finder site fully up to date, it’s now running smoothly. Kathy has been fostering for KittyKind since 2009, she loves cats and her favourite part is seeing the ones she has fostered, getting adopted and finding loving homes.  Kathy has also volunteered for other organisations since 2001. She adds: ‘It’s such a joy having cats and kittens in the house and I feel grateful of the people who show up at KittyKind to take care of the cats and find them forever homes, I am delighted to be able to help.’ Kathy has two cats of her own, both who she fostered at first before she found she couldn’t part with them, now they have slowly become buddies. Thank you Kathy for all your hard work, you have been great. Well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Ina, for being extremely reliable and always coming in early for her shift, Pamela D, for being a consistent force on the Tuesday AM crew, Ruth S, for always working hard and taking care of the cats on her Monday PM shift, Jeya B, for being such a great addition to the Friday PM crew, and Emily D, for always having a smile on her face every Tuesday PM.


***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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