I am so Lucky to Have Julie

I can’t thank you enough for your help in picking Julie…she is the greatest addition to my life.  As I said before, Julie is such a sweetheart (with a bratty streak that I completely identify with), and has so much personality.  Of course, she wants attention (on her terms!), and she loves to play and be scratched, but she is by no means a handful.  Julie is very friendly…my dad came up to fix a few things in my apartment while I was at work, and she immediately went up to him for scratches and attention.  He was in love with her after that!  With the amazing personality she has, I can’t imagine anyone giving her up.  Their loss is certainly my gain!

I’ve attached a few pictures of my little love…I swear I have the camera ready for when she does something cute or bratty, which is all of the time.  One of her favorite things to do is drink out of my glass of water.  I gave up and started putting out another glass for her…she still drinks out of mine, of course.  I am so used to having pets, and this was the first time in my life I didn’t, and it’s something I missed terribly until Julie came along.  I am just so lucky to have her, and can’t thank you enough.



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