Pinky, the Ruler of the House

I am a Kitty Kind volunteer cleaner and at the end of a shift I saw a small black cat with big yellow eyes peering out at me. I immediately had to stay after to give her some attention. As I got to know her I realized she was so sweet but a little timid. I lost my 15 year old cat back in November to heart failure and wanted to adopt a new one but wasn’t sure if I was ready. I told Davy that I liked Pinky and wanted to think about adopting her. I came back the next day right at the time Davy arrived and after thinking about her all night I had a feeling she was the perfect cat for me.

She was a little shy when she first came home with me but now she is the ruler of the house. She loves to sleep on my bed and look out the window. She loves her feather toys and scratching posts. My friend calls her my shadow because wherever I go she is always right behind me. She is very curious and loves to investigate everything. I look forward to our future and we are both much happier with each other in our lives.

Sincerely, Courtney

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