Thea the dog, goat, frog ‘cat’

So, how can I begin with my little tale about Thea?  I found Thea thanks to Miriam who was working at [KittyKind] in the PETCO in Union Square.  I had been looking for a cat for a long time and had seen Thea a few times at the adoption centre.  The sealing deal was sticking my head inside her cage to be greeted by an almighty purr and head rubbing session.  Her witchy, green eyes trying to decide if I was obviously good enough for her!  On arriving home, I took great care thinking she’d be nervous in coming out of the carrier.  No, no and no!  Madam made herself quite at home.  She flirted with the boys in the house happily, checked out every room to ensure she had the best sleeping arrangement, and then flicked her tail before settling down in her place of choice.

Now, I have to tell you I have reservations about Thea actually being a cat!  First, she loves water to the point that she tried to jump into the bath I was running; she likes to watch people on the toilet, too.  She also sleeps like a frog with legs splayed out in all glory!  And she LOVES grass!  She will roll in it, eat it, pull it up, jump through it – this is Thea the Goat!  The dog part…well….if you had a well-trained dog that followed you anywhere without command, this is Thea.  She will wait, follow and then howl if you don’t pay her enough attention.

MADAM Thea has another hilarious trait.  She would not drink from her bowl, not at all.  It got a little difficult wrestling her when I or anyone else was drinking a glass of water that she wanted to share, so, Thea now only drinks from a glass!  She has her own (non-breakable) glass.  It is red, as Madam likes anything red to play with or eat/drink from.  She is an adorable cat.  Hilariously scatty and incredibly affectionate.  She comes in for her cuddle in the mornings and evenings without fail, entering every room in the house to make sure she is not missed by anyone!

Nobody had paid much notice to Thea at the adoption centre as she is FIV positive.  Well…let me assure you, it is simply not an issue, if you open your mind, do some research, and understand the nature of this condition.  FIV is much like HIV, a condition that affects the immune system.  If you take care of your pet and make sure she is not exposed to potential threats, then you’ll be fine.  There is still a lot of stigma attached to HIV, as I’m sure you know. The same goes for FIV, due to ignorance.  I do not have to medicate her, she lives a totally normal life. A happy dog, goat, frog, cat.  She is a perfect example of the success of living with FIV.

I love this little creature and she is going to be with me for a very, very long time.  I encourage you to research and open your mind to giving a cat a home.  An FIV cat is like any other.  Having a little tinkle of a bell, a happy face and purring machine heading your way every time you come home, is a pleasure, a joy and the most unconditional, enduring love.



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