Bonnie and Clyde, Taking Care of Each Other

I was so lucky to find KittyKind when I was searching for a cat to love. The first cat that caught my eye was a beautiful Siamese male. I inquired about him and was told that he could not be adopted without his cagemate, a small black kitten with gold-colored eyes. I did not intend to adopt 2 cats, but as I was allowed to interact with them, I could not resist the two of them! The black kitten had so much personality and was so sweet! My son and I fell in love with both of them and proceeded with adopting them. KittyKind had named the Siamese male Koko, and the female Cookie. We found out that they had been abandoned together in an apartment, which explains why they were inseparable. They had to take care of each other while abandoned. Since I have adopted them, they have brought me such joy. They are so sweet and funny together. The younger “sister” loves to bathe her big “brother” before going to sleep. They also get into serious mischief together, which is why I renamed them Bonnie and Clyde. They will steal anything in sight (dish sponges, hair ties, socks, etc)…then they take it to their special hiding place. They enjoy lounging and playing in their cat tree, but at night they both prefer to curl up at the foot of my bed to go to sleep. I want to thank KittyKind for all the good things that they do for the cats…Bonnie and Clyde say “thank you” too!


One Response to “Bonnie and Clyde, Taking Care of Each Other”

  1. Carol Gorman Says:

    I am so happy that Bonie and Clyde found your loving home. They look so sweet together, and you can see the strong bond between them! I am sure the experience of being abandoned was horrible for both of them. Now they are free to relax, play, and return the love you give them.

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