Known Around the House as “Don Tonio”

Around my house, Antonio is more often called “Don Tonio” because he’s got the look of a mob-boss and the size to back it up.  I adopted Antonio as a companion for my cat, Simone, after her brother died.  He was an instant fit.  They play like crazy and have a wonderful time, often chasing each other’s tails.  He’s unassuming and very well-behaved.

He’s not at all pushy, after all, he’s the Don; he knows he’s going to get what he wants!  But the most endearing thing about Antonio is that he follows me quietly all through the house and purrs when I come in a room.  It’s quite the ego boost, I must say.  Simone and I are both so lucky to have found Antonio.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pamper and adore him for the rest of his life.

Best, Katie


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