Motley and Axl, the Rockstars of the Family

The kitties are doing GREAT!! They are eating well and seem happy and healthy.  We have actually re-named them Axl (the boy- formerly known as Kingston) and Motley (the girl- formerly known as Sweet pea). It took them a few days to really get comfortable in their new surroundings but it has truly become their domain now!  They are very sweet and playful.  I work just 3 blocks away so several days throughout the week I will pop in on my lunch break to check on them and give them a little snack, some playtime and TLC. They always awake from their napping right away and are happy to see me.  Then most nights when we come home from work, we have dinner and play and cuddle while we watch some tv.  It has been interesting to watch them become at ease and show their personalities.  Motley is definitely the more brave and dominant one.  She was the first to come out of hiding the first day and venture through the apartment to check out their new home. We have lots of different toys for them.  Their favorite is a ball & bell that is attached to a string on a stick.  They are very talented soccer players and love to play with these little foam bouncy balls we got for them.  When playing, they always want to be playing with the same thing and usually Motely dominates but Axl often comes thru as the champ.  They love to sit in the window and check out the goings-on of 9th Avenue or watch the snow fall.  They have become more at ease with visitors and played and cuddled happily with my mom and sister within 5 minutes of them arriving.  They even came out and played with a group of friends at our house warming party.  They wrestle quite often but sometimes their wrestling matches turn into a licking and love fest!  Motley usually finds herself on my lap in the evenings for some petting and a nap and sometimes Axl gets in on the fun.  Just last night i had BOTH of them taking a nap on my lap snuggling together.  It was so cute!!  We are definitely a very happy family!

Kayla & Jarrad


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