Jiles and Jamava, Very Welcomed Additions to the Family

Our family was looking for two kittens to join our household (we lost our dear Jocasta at age 18 last spring). My husband first met Layne (now Jiles) and Fortuna (now Jamava) at Petco, and it was love at first sight. The rest of us – our two daughters and I — were equally smitten when we met them. Jiles is bold, athletic, and the fastest Cat Dancer catcher we’ve  ever seen; Jamava is curious, playful, and Jiles’ equal when it comes to wrestling. They are incredibly affectionate, both with each other and with all of us. We were told they’re not siblings, but they might  as well be: their markings are very similar, they share everything, they groom one another, and they sleep wrapped around one another, sometimes on top of our older daughter while she’s reading. We’re all so thrilled to have these gorgeous, delightful cats in our lives, and we’re so grateful to Kitty Kind for all their help and advice, and for all the good work they do!

Olivia and Family


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