Viva and Edie, Named After Warhol’s Entourage

Viva and Edie are doing great. I think the relaxed expressions on their faces in this picture may say it all. They have really made the transition from being the new kitties to being “our pets.” We now call them Viva and Edie, in honor of the fact that our first gray kitty was Andycat Superstar. The Petco is located in a building that housed Andy Warhol’s 2nd iteration of the Factory, so we named them after two of Warhol’s entourage, Viva and Edie Sedgewick.

Viva is the schmoo of the two. She is smaller and very nimble. We call her our monkey, because she gets into everything. She loves chasing a cat dancer with feathers, and we feel sure she would leave no wren alive if in a yard. Edie is more shy, and it took me a few weeks of hard work to get her out of her shell–but it has paid off. She absolutely loves me, where as Viva, the monkey, loves Jim. We often sit with our babies at night, cuddling away. Edie loves to play with the laser pointer toy, and she will run up and down the apartment to chase it (to the point of panting!)

They have both grown since coming to live with us, and their personalities continue to emerge. Viva is easy to love, and is very affectionate. She is very smart, and does funny things. About two weeks ago, Edie started to display jealousy over attention paid to Viva when she pushed Viva out of my lap! Now, if I am holding Viva, Edie will start purr-meowing and rubbing my legs. I have to hold them both at the same time, or pass Viva to Jim. It’s pretty funny, and Edie just sits in my lap and purrs away.

Well, I hope that’s enough–you can probably tell that they are doing very well. I’m glad we’ve had some snow days home with them–they love it when we are home.

thank you so much for such wonderful pets!!!!

All the best, Sarah


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