Miss Sophia the Sweetest Baby Girl

I just wanted to share updates on our adopted cat.
We brought her home in January and named her Miss Sophia (Sophie), which she immediately answered to. My husband and I love her beyond words. I often apologize to our visitors that she is so spoiled! She does everything with us and loves to play all the time. I initially picked her at Petco because she seemed so playful. She L-O-V-E-S her feather flyer and chases balls, plays fetch and frequently drops balls in our view to persuade us to play. She is healthy and happy and has her own bedroom that is full of toys and a big bed to stretch out on, though she does not sleep there. When we say  ” its bedtime Soph” she follows us upstairs and sleeps in her doughnut bed at our feet, and wakes every morning at 5am. She is truly our baby. She is well mannered and gentle and the cutest sweetest baby girl. Here are some photos please share with the Kitty Kind staff.
Thank you!-Tia & Gerald


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