Volunteer of the Month-June

Congratulations to Steve Z, our June Volunteer of the Month! Steve is a dedicated, hard worker and is always willing to help clean difficult cats cages. He is always early for his Tuesday AM shift and gives the cats lots of TLC. Steve has been volunteering at KK for 7 years, he started in 2003!   He loves animals and adds: ‘I get great satisfaction knowing that I am doing my part to keep the KK cats healthy and happy until they find homes.’ Steve loves the affectionate, friendly cats and is happy volunteering at KK. At present he doesn’t have any cats of his own, he used to have a cat that he took in as a stray but she passed away many years ago and unfortunately now his schedule isn’t reliable enough for him to take care of a pet. Thank you Steve for all your hard work over the past 7 years, you have been a true asset to the team, well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Amanda M, for her loving and caring approach to each cat at KK, Nancy A, for all her help in organising and taking part in events, Lucia C, for decorating the Cat of the Month cages and doing a great job, Sarah H, for being a great addition to the Wednesday AM crew, Ariel J, for being such a solid cleaner each and every Thursday PM, Leigh R. for always cleaning with a smile on her face, and Maria C and Anait G, for being super reliable and efficient every Friday PM.

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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