KittyKind Makes a Purrfect Match

Dear KittyKind,

hank you so much for introducing me to Chloe [formerly known as Bette Davis], my first pet. Miriam lovingly listened to what I wanted from my first experience with a pet and suggested I meet Chloe in her foster home. From the day I met her, I knew I wanted to make her a part of my family immediately, and eagerly awaited her arrival at my home.

On January 20th, Chloe was delivered to my apartment by foster parent Valerie, who lovingly said goodbye and gave us her favorite treats and ball as a parting gift.

Miriam and Valerie continue to be supportive family members to Chloe and me.

Ever since that day we have created an inseparable bond that I cherish deep in my heart. She is playful and loving and we snuggle together daily. Chloe wakes me up in the morning by coming up to my chest and greets me at the door when I get home.

I love her dearly…from how she follows me around the apartment rubbing her head against my legs to when she chirps as she jumps on the bed or couch to lie by my side.

Thank you, again, for giving me the possibility of bringing Chloe into my family.

Love, Lauren


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