When you’re not looking, your gut gives your heart a nudge

When I walked into Petco last December, my aim was simply to see something cute and cuddly at the Kitty Kind counter in between work and an appointment I was dreading. Cute, fuzzy, cuddly.  As far as I can remember, I wasn’t looking to adopt anything except maybe a more amenable outlook on the world. The first time I saw Sylvie, she surely didn’t see me. She was huddled in her box, face shielded from view, suffering from what a volunteer said was cage-induced anxiety. “She doesn’t show well in the cage,” she told me. Sylvie had a sister, Sweetie, but the two were separated into their own cages, and apparently were not extraordinarily bonded. They were eight years old and had been given to Kitty Kind after their owners had been evicted from their apartment. It’s hard to say what attracted me to Sylvie that first day, but something stuck (maybe it was the photo of her with a tag that read “Sylvie, Ms. Personable”). I returned again and again to catch a glimpse of her and every time I hardly got a peek before she was curled away from sight.  A wonderful volunteer finally helped me make the decision to foster Sylvie, who had been in the cage for several weeks without a break.

From the moment she came out of the cage, I’ve honestly never looked back. I did wonder if she would make it out from under the bed, but once she did, my heart opened in ways I can’t even describe. I have the most amazingly creative, cuddly, gregarious, intuitive, sensitive kitty this side of Brooklyn. She sits on my lap while I edit, she bird watches at the window, she entertains friends with amazing laser toy feats,  and she sleeps wrapped around my arm.  I don’t know how or why and when it happened, but I think it’s a lot like with people, and with love. When you’re not looking, your gut gives your heart a nudge and puts incredible people in your path, like Kitty Kind, to help foster these incredible relationships.   Now, we’ve both got to go eat . . . and edit.  Thank you Kitty Kind!!


One Response to “When you’re not looking, your gut gives your heart a nudge”

  1. patricia Says:

    Oh, this is a heartstrings-tugging story…… Well, I’ve been thinking of fostering a KK cat, and this has pushed me over the edge. I will go in next week. Congratulations to you both. Enjoy and love each other!

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