Really Nuts about Roxy

Kitty Kind volunteers,

We just lately adopted a three year old Russian Blue from your Petco shelter. After our beloved cat recently passed away at the age of 17 we were too distraught to even think about replacing her. That changed very quickly when we first saw “Roxy” at your shelter. She looked very sad and very much resembled the first cat that we owned, also a Russian Blue. She was older than the other cats which was of no consequence to us. We know older cats are harder to place so we had decided early on that we would look for a mature cat when we adopted next.

Ten years ago my sister, who was also looking to adopt an older, needier cat, fell for one of your cats sporting a note on his cage which read, “Whiskers, strong  personality…doesn’t like other cats”. With lots of love and attention “Bogart” turned out to be a loving, playful, well adjusted cat, happily co-existing with another male cat that my sister rescued from the street. They are now one big happy family.

Roxy is a very sweet, delicate, cautious and affectionate cat. We (my husband and daughters) give her tons of loving attention. We really are all nuts about her.

Sincerely, Lola and family


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