Ella a Dream Cat

Although I had walked by the adoption center in Petco on several occasions, it had always been as I dashed to pick up cat food or litter for my cat Duke Ellington. But the [Kitty Kind] staff was always more than inviting to take a peek at the cats and informing me that they were all looking for homes, so when I was prepared to bring a second cat into my home, I knew I would be going to the Kitty Kind adoption center.  Here my boyfriend and I met the most adorable pastel calico, Daisy Daffodil. Although it wasn’t a perfect marriage at first, everyone at Kitty Kind was beyond helpful and supportive the entire way and they genuinely care for every cat there and every family that they become a part of! We couldn’t be happier, we have since named Daisy Ella Fitzgerald and she and Duke are the best of friends. Ella is a dream cat, and I can’t imagine a more perfect match for us!  I still visit the adoption center to drop a dollar or two off when I pick up their cat food, and it’s always full of adorable sweet kittens who need homes!
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!



One Response to “Ella a Dream Cat”

  1. Jill Says:

    Ella is very lucky to have found you…must be that the time was finally right! I love the picture of Duke and Ella….so adorable.

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