Puck, a VERY Special Happy Ending at KittyKind

When it was time for Puck to be taken home from KittyKind, it took several people, a tough pair of gloves and a rolled-up blanket to get him (yowling and spitting all the way) into his carrier.  A crowd actually gathered and applauded as soon as they had finished the job.  When I let him out into his new home, however, the turnaround was instantaneous.  He immediately began to purr loudly and bump his head into everything in sight — legs, walls, couches, you name it — and he has not stopped doing either of those things since he’s been here.  He is CONSTANTLY affectionate, whether it’s curling up on top of my hands while I’m on my laptop, climbing onto my lap for a cuddle on the couch, or waking me up by purring in my ear in the morning until I give him a head scratch.  He follows me back and forth around the apartment wherever I go, endlessly curious in whatever it is I’m doing, and always runs over to greet anyone when they come in the door.  He definitely still lives up to his name — his Puckish personality shines through when he tries to climb the shower curtain or fiendishly bats glasses of water off the table, but he quickly realizes when he’s done something wrong and apologizes with a head nudge.  His epic battles with his catnip toys and maniacal stalking (and capturing) of his own tail are a constant source of entertainment and amusement to me and anyone else that has met him.  I am amazed by how much he’s mellowed out and cheered up since he’s come home — it’s really a testament to how far some space and love can go in opening up an animal’s personality.  I’m so happy I got to be the one to discover the fantastic cat hiding behind the fearful exterior I saw in the beginning.  I think he’s happy too.  Thanks to KittyKind for making it possible!



2 Responses to “Puck, a VERY Special Happy Ending at KittyKind”

  1. cb Says:

    Looks like you are both lucky! Puck has found his soulmate, thank goodness. I am one of the volunteers who cleaned his cage, and I’m so happy you guys found each other! Congrats!

  2. It's Trajectory Says:

    That’s a happy kitty, no doubt about it.

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