Scout, Playful and Quite the Sprinter

We are enjoying our new addition very much indeed!  We renamed her ‘Scout’ after the character in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’  She is quite rambunctious and playful (and quite the sprinter!), but loves to cuddle with us on the couch and snore a bit.  We have windows in every room of our apartment, so she is loving observing the outside world from various perches.  She is truly one of the cutest cats EVER!  (Next to Millay, of course…)

She and Millay have had free reign of the apartment for about two weeks.  Millay has grown accustomed to the “young upstart” in her life, and we actually feel she is adjusting VERY well.  They eat at the same time.  (The great thing is that Millay was on a dry food diet, and she has adopted wet food BEAUTIFULLY (and Bryan and I feel like better parents now!!))  There was some hissing and growling on Millay’s part at first, but now she simply watches Scout carefully.  She definitely doesn’t hesitate to let the kitten know if she’s overstepped the bounds!!  The other day, they actually played together for the first time!  It was amazing!

Just want to say how wonderful all of you guys are at Kitty Kind – this was such a seamless adoption process, and everyone has been incredibly thorough, helpful, and kind!


Abbie and Bryan


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