Duffy, a Cat Given a Second Chance

This story has a happy ending, but it takes a while to get there…

When I first saw Duffy, he was in a cage at Kitty Kind.  He had been abandoned in the store in a duffel bag (hence, the name) with a foul-smelling abscess in his rear.  We could all see his problem was beyond what the regular meds staff could treat once a day at the store.  The kicker, though, was that, no matter how much pain he was in, he was always sweet and loving to everyone who took care of him.  I took him home to foster, cleaning the wound and giving antibiotics several times a day.  I took him to my vet, who explained that his abscess had been caused by an animal bite that hadn’t just punctured his skin, but also penetrated his colon — a very serious condition with an uncertain prognosis.  We had his abscess drained and the wound to the colon stitched up but, though initially things were looking better, his condition again deteriorated.  My vet suggested taking him to a specialist at NYCVS, which I did. He was treated there under the Mayor’s Alliance and underwent another extensive surgery — then spent a couple of weeks in recovery.

He was such a lovely and special cat and I had become so attached to him that I visited him almost every day at the hospital; he would purr and lay his head in my hand as I pet him in his cage.  It was touch and go again for a couple of weeks but then, amazingly, he began to get better.  Finally, I took him home again for recovery.  While he was here at my apartment, my parents came over to visit. When they met this lively, playful, curious, intelligent and affectionate black cat, they fell in love with him and, eventually, adopted him.  He now lives in Westchester in a big house with a ton of toys and an incredible amount of love and attention. He’s still got a few problems related to the surgery, but nothing that seriously impairs his quality of life.

Duffy really is a special cat — people at KK still remember him and ask about him — one volunteer recently sent a note to the meds crew asking “how the kitty with the sore butt was doing …. I forgot his name but loved petting him in the store. Even with a sore bum – he was really really sweet.”  I’m happy to report his butt is fine, and he is living in comfort and style with two people who absolutely adore him. And I still get to visit on weekends.

Thanks, Kitty Kkind. You really did give a second chance to a wonderful and unique animal with a surfeit of  love and joy to share.


3 Responses to “Duffy, a Cat Given a Second Chance”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Yay! This was the first thing I read this morning and it made me so happy. Valerie you are Duffy’s noble knight! I am so glad you guys found him and that he got a second chance to live. 😀

  2. sasha Says:

    that is so heartwarming! i couldnt help but tear up reading this story. i wish the world were filled with people like you because maybe then we wouldnt have so many poor cats and dogs in such awful conditions.

  3. Janette Says:

    Big thanks to Valerie for putting so much effort into his recovery, the lovely guy deserved all that love and Valerie was selfless in her devotion to him. Valerie, you are amazing.

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