Boris and Zoya, Two Bundles of Cute!

Our two little bundles of cute are doing amazingly well! They both have healthy appetites and are both eating well. We’ve happily renamed them to Boris (instead of JJ) and Zoya (instead of Narobi). They’ve adjusted amazingly well and are slowly taking over the apartment, currently they love our bed and cuddle up with us every night at bedtime. I can tell you that we were both immensely shocked when Boris was the first one to seek comfort from us while Zoya played hide and seek for a bit longer. They were both out on the second day playing and bouncing around although sometimes a little anxious if we walked a little too quickly for their liking. I think it was great that we had such a long weekend to spend with them as I didn’t work Thursday and Friday was a holiday. We’ve found that Zoya is the handful that you expected her to be, however when she is a little tired out from playing she is a huge cuddle monster and if you are petting Boris she’ll come and push her head between your hand and Boris. Boris is just the sweetest gentle boy, he loves to be pet and I think if you never stopped he would be happy. He has the loudest rumble of a purr and loves getting cuddles but prefers to be next to you rather than on your lap. Boris also loves to groom (not sure if this is the correct word choice) me when he is getting cuddles – I’m slowly getting used to the rough tongue against my hand as I’m used to dog kisses, it’s a much different sensation to say the least. I’m sure I sound like a proud new parent with all this boosting and gloating so I’ll end it there.

All the best,

Kim and Ami

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