Volunteer of the Month-March

Congratulations to Valerie B, our Volunteer of the Month for March. Valerie has shown true commitment to the Meds team and she has been with KittyKind for 4 years.  Valerie says her motivation for volunteering came from the following experience,  “I had a cat that turned out to have myriad, he required a lot of care and surgery, I realized I gained a lot of experience with giving him pills, medication etc and I wanted to use my skills to help other cats in this type of situation, so I looked around for organizations and KK was the perfect match.”  Valerie loves volunteering and says the best part is the cats and how much they give back, if she wasn’t lucky enough to be part of the meds team she would just come in once a week to pet them. Valerie has 4 cats at home, one of them originally feral who she took in and socialized and then kept as it was a rewarding experience helping socialize him. She just wants to add, “Volunteering at KK has added something wonderful to my life I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else as I’m sure it does for other volunteers as well.”  Thank you Valerie for your long time commitment, and hard work.

This month’s nominations also included: Katherine, for her positive, caring and patient attitude to the Monday am crew, Jilda for her bubbly energy and enthusiasm as well as her dual role, Katie B, for her great work on volunteer of the month, fostering, helping out with events and her constant positive, upbeat attitude, Liz B for her hard work each and every Wednesday pm, Natalie N, for helping to keep our cats strong and healthy, Niccolo S, for being a strong support to the Monday am crew and Lucia C for being the best cat whisperer around.

***Winners ate chosen at random from all nominees


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