KittyKind is SO Happy for you JULIE!

I met Julie for the first time at the Kitty Kind center in Union Square.  I noticed the many stickers and pictures of her adorning her cage, and she was clearly a very cute cat.  I recall being very surprised at her reaction to being in the cage, and also that she was not pleased with me when I tried to introduce myself.  However, the report from her foster parent suggested that there was a lot more to Julie than she was letting on.  It’s now clear that she’s a cat that really hates being in a cage, feeling ignored, and just loves to spend time with her human companions.

I was initially nervous about taking Julie home, since I wanted her to be happy and feel welcome, but that a new home is stressful for cats.  Arriving at my apartment, I opened to the door to her carrier, and she immediately ventured out, and to my amazement and delight, was a completely different animal than the cat I had first met.  She instantly approached me, rubbed up against my knees, letting me pet her, then eagerly flopping over on her back and letting my rub her tummy.  She explored her new home cautiously at first, then settling in and making herself at home.  The very first night, she clambered into my bed, and slept on her side, curled up right next to me.  Ever since, we’ve enjoyed playing with the laser pointer, chasing odds and ends around the apartment, and curling up on the sofa to watch TV together.  Who knew Julie would be a fan of Jack Bauer, “Lost,” and “Law & Order?”

I am so pleased that she is happy in her new home, and I look forward to many years of fun with my new furry friend.



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